Panselinos Menu

Winter Menu

Snacks :



Ham, cheese        

2.Club Sandwich        

Ham, cheese, tomatoes, lettuce, french fries        

3.Fried potatoes        



5.Greek Salad


6.Panselinos Salad        

Lettuce,chicken fillet, cherry tomatoes,potatoes,onion and dressing        


Lettuce, tomato, cucumber, corn, parmesane, olives, croutons, balsamic        




Fava puree and citronette dressing        


Yoghurt, cucumber, vinegar, olive oil

11.Sauteed mushrooms        

Mushrooms sauteed with olive oil and cheese


12.Potatoes sauteed with bacon and cream        


13.Baked potato with cheese & bacon        



15.Potato Salad        

Boiled potatoes with peppers, mustard, olive oil        

Pasta dishes


16.Fuzzili al limone        

pasta,garlic,cream,blue cheese  lemon zest and parmiggiano        


Mushrooms, bacon, cream        

18.Tagliatelle with mushrooms and chicken        

pasta, onion,mushroom,chicken fillet, tomatoes, cream and parmiggiano        

19.Penne with flavored tomato sauce        

pasta, omato sauce and parmiggiano

20.Rizotto with cheeses        

Rizotto with mushrooms, various cheeses and cream

Main dishes

21.Burger with cheese and tomato        

Burger with cheese and grilled tomato        


22.Grilled Sausages        

Local sausages on the grill with lemon        


23.Chicken fillet grilled        

Chicken fillet on the grill        


24.Chicken with mustard        

Chicken filled with mustard sauce and mushrooms        


25.Grilled pork chops        

Pork chops grilled or with sweet & sour sauce        


26.Chunks of pork meat with lemon sauce and vegetables        


27.Meatballs with sauce or neat.


28.Pork kebab



29.Cheese Cake        

30.Biscuits and chocolate roll        


31.Traditional dessert of the day        



Ask your waiter for the daily desert

Summer Menu



Ham, cheese        

2.Club Sandwich        

Ham, cheese, tomatoes, lettuce, mayonnaise & salad        

3.Sandwich with cheese, ham, tomato, lettuce & mayonnaise        

4.Alonissos omeletteτα,        

Tomatoes, feta, onion, peppers & origano        

5.Fried  potatoes        



7.Greek Salad

8.Panselinos salad

lettuce, tomatoes, cucumber bacon,corn & dressing lemon        

9.Mixed salad

Cherry tomatoes, grilled vegetables,gruyere cheese, corn & honey vinegraite

10.Rocket salad tomatoes, grilled mushrooms & balsamic vinegraite        

11.Mango salad

Mango, turkey, cherry tomatoes, & orange vinegraite        

12.Boiled greens with soft ricotta cheese        




Fava puree and citronnette dressing        


yoghurt, cucumber, vinegar ,garlic & olive oil        


15.Sautéed mushrooms with olive oil & orange juice        

16.Oven baked aubergines in tomato sauce with feta & parmesan        

17.Grilled vegetables with parmesan & balsamic vinegraite        

18.Cretan barley bread With tomatoes,feta cheese,olive oil & origano        

19.Marinated cracked wheat with vegetables        

Pasta & Risotto

20. Risotto with chicken and curry        

21.Risotto with shrimps and mussels        

22.Tagliatteles with Madeira wine sauce & mushrooms        

23.Spaghetti carbonara        

24. Penne with flavored tomato sauce & vegetables        


Traditional Greek Recipes


25.Chicken cooked with ouzo & feta cheese        

26.Lamb giouvetsi (pasta)        

27.Pork cooked with mustard & yoghurt        

Main Dishes


28.Chicken fillet stuffed with bacon, gruyere cheese & pesto        

29.Chicken fillet on the grill        

30.Chicken with mustard sauce and mushrooms        

31.Grilled pork chops plain or with orange sauce        

32.Beef fillet with espresso sauce        

33.Grilled beef burger with blue cheese        

34.Fresh fish steak on the grill        

35.Prawns in angel hair with bacon& sweet and sour sauce        



36.Chocolate Cheese cake        

37.Pannaccota with feta cheese & strawberry sauce        

38.Biscuits and chocolate roll with ice cream        

39.Traditional dessert of the day